UHINAK . IV Congreso transfronterizo sobre Cambio Climático y Litoral

IV Cross border conference on climate and coastal change

Focussed on action against climate emergency

4th-5th novembre, 2020
Atlantic Europe

Edition 2020 Online Conference

A two-day programme transmitted via streaming that will include guest speakers, oral communications, colloquiums and posters.


The first Uhinak event is rated highly by participants

After the Uhinak Conference on Climate and Coastal Change held on October 6 and 7, a survey was conducted by the organisers, showing the attendees’ high level of satisfaction. On a scale of 1 – 5, where 1 was the lowest rating and 5 the highest, 85% of the attendees gave a score of either 5 (51.2%) or 4 (34.9%) to their general level of satisfaction with the congress. Around 60% responded that they definitely intend to return to Uhinak in the future and 35% said they would probably make a repeat visit.

The content of the lectures also scored highly, for both relevance and content. Both aspects were rated positively (4 or 5) by over 80% of the respondents.

The ratings were also high in response to the questions on the event’s organisation, the attention received and the quality and comfort of Ficoba’s facilities.

65% considered the organisation and planning of the congress to be highly satisfactory and 30% regarded it as satisfactory. The staff’s attention was valued positively in almost all cases, with 83.7% of respondents rating it as highly satisfactory and 11.6% satisfactory.

Lastly, the scores for the quality and comfort of Ficoba’s facilities were also notably high. Almost 80% rated them as highly satisfactory, and more than 20% as satisfactory

Overall rating

Overall satisfaction congress

Very satisfied 5 48,8 %
  4 36,6 %
  3 12,2 %
  2 0 %
Unsatisfactory 1 2,4 %


Balance 2015

Balance 1ª edición - 2015

After the success of the first Uhinak event, the Conference on Climate and Coastal Change confirms it will continue.

At the two-day conference, Spanish and international speakers assessed the consequences of climate change on the Basque and Aquitaine coasts

Uhinak 2015

Irun, 8 October 2015

Uhinak has taken its first steps, backed by Ficoba as a conference promoter and organiser, and the success of the first Climate and Coastal Change conference, co-organised with AZTI, has ensured it will be held again in future years. The objectives of the future Uhinak conferences, the frequency of which will shortly be confirmed, will include growth to incorporate new geographical areas affected by climate change, new speakers and special emphasis on the involvement of the business sector, which will ultimately have to implement the measures defined to combat sea level rise, and on further enhancing the involvement of the institutions.

In the words of AZTI’s Marine Research Unit Value Manager Adolfo Uriarte at the close of the congress, “in the current context it was difficult to organise a conference like Uhinak, with so many sea-related events on the agenda, but we felt it was the right time to take a serious approach to climate change”.

Ficoba’s Manager Ander Sarratea affirmed that one of the many positive aspects of the congress was its cross-border nature. “The climate change phenomenon knows no boundaries, which is why we decided to welcome this cross-border event with a wide-lens approach. The theme of Uhinak was obviously a reason for this, but we have also received collaboration from institutions on both banks of the River Bidasoa. I think we can say it has been a cross-border event in every way.”

Uhinak, the two-day Conference on Climate and Coastal Change at Ficoba, brought together more than 140 national and international experts who took an active approach to analysing the measures required to prepare the Basque and Aquitaine coasts for the anticipated effects of climate change over the coming years, and the creation of synergies and collaboration dynamics for coast management and maintenance.

Institutional support

Uhinak was subsidised by the Basque Government and the Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa (Gipuzkoa Regional Government), together with the French bodies Conseil Général des Pyrénées Atlantiques, Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine and Agglomération Sud Pays Basque, and also by the San Sebastián Turismo&Convention Bureau and Basquetour. These institutions encourage participation in the event as they are aware that the measures for addressing the consequences of climate change on the coast may represent an opportunity for sustainable development geared to conservation and use of the coast.

Uhinak 2015 Uhinak 2015 Uhinak 2015 Uhinak 2015 Uhinak 2015 Uhinak 2015 Uhinak 2015 Uhinak 2015 Uhinak 2015 Uhinak 2015

Uhinak Congress is promoted by FICOBA and AZTI TECNALIA, which has the support of a scientific committee and contributors who make it possible.

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Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa Region Aquitaine
Gobierno Vasco Communauté d'Agglomération Pays Basque
Communauté d'Agglomération Pays Basque

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International Association for Hydro-Environment engineering and Research Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos

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